At TBP we have considerable experience in dealing with divorce.  We believe that having a professional divorce accountant can be equally as important as having a solicitor and barrister.  We aim to work with your legal team to achieve the optimum financial settlement for you from your divorce.

Acting For Individuals

The main areas that we are able to assist with are:

1.       Completion of your Form E

Form E is a bulky 28 page document which is the financial cornerstone of the divorce process.  Each party has to complete their Form E in accordance with a Court-imposed timetable. When completed Form E stands as a comprehensive snapshot of the party's personal financial situation at that date.   A poorly prepared Form E will invite enquiry and will make an early financial resolution more difficult and potentially increase costs.  A good Form E makes the prospect of an early settlement more likely.  We help you complete your Form E, in a manner which best reflects your individual situation. 

2.       Review of Spouse's Form E

We help clients understand their spouse's Form E and investigate the disclosures to establish any under valuations or concealment of assets.

Some spouses are less than open and transparent in their disclosures. It is essential that you do your utmost to track down and properly value all the assets to prevent you losing out in the financial settlement.  Business interests, shares, options, property and pensions may be undervalued.   Other assets may be misrepresented or hidden altogether.

We analyse the client spouse's Form E, reporting on what the disclosures mean; we do what we can to audit their Form E substituting in our workings more realistic numbers where appropriate. 

3.       Business Valuations

We can review and challenge a valuation presented by the other party. Smaller companies or partnerships may never have been audited, and that inevitably raises questions over the completeness and accuracy of their accounts. We undertake a tightly focused examination of the key areas; we consider whether the accounts can be relied upon and whether there might have been a deliberate attempt to misrepresent the numbers. We work to unravel complex corporate structures and family shareholdings, and we investigate the use of trusts and off-shore vehicles.

Collaborative Law

We are also able to provide financial assistance and reporting to you, your spouse and your solicitors if you are using the new collaborative family law process. 

In these situations we act for both parties equally.

The collaborative family law process is a relatively new way of dealing with family divorce and disputes.  Each person appoints their own lawyer and the aim is to resolve the position by meeting and negotiating without going to court.

We can assist in the process by:-

1.       Completing a schedule of assets for both parties

2.       Valuing business interests

3.       Assessing the income position of both parties