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End of CT61 quarterly period.

Online self-assessment (PAYE)

Deadline for online submission of self-assessment tax returns for tax year ended 5 April 2023 for HMRC to collect tax through PAYE codes, where they owe less than £3,000.

Corporation tax return

Filing deadline for corporation tax return self-assessment form CT600 for period ended 31 December 2022 to be submitted to HMRC.

Dates & Deadines

Keeping track of your annual and monthly deadlines is a task in itself. If you miss anything, you’ll rush through your returns and run the risk of making errors.

This page has all the necessary tax dates for your coming year, giving you one source of information for everything you need to remember. With our help, you’ll never miss another tax return filing deadline.


If you’re unsure how much tax you have to pay or worried about how much your monthly take-home pay will be, there are some valuable tools to help you know what you need to prepare for.

These calculators will allow you to set a budget to ensure you can afford your tax obligations and know what’s left afterwards.

Fuel cost calculator

Stamp duty calculator

VAT calculator

Payslip calculator

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