Partnerships & Sole Traders

However you run your business, you’ll need an expert accounting firm to look after the numbers while you focus on the more pressing matters.

That’s why the team at The Bailey Partnership offers its services to many different forms of clients, including sole traders and business partnerships.

We know the ins and outs of the tax implications of working either way and can advise you on how to work efficiently and effectively.

We’ll organise your finances, create reports HMRC requires for your annual accounts, and help you discover the range of tax-friendly reliefs you may be eligible for.

By planning your taxes well in advance, we will minimise any unexpected bills or increases that may occur over the year.

Not only that, but we can review your business model with you and see if the possibility of incorporating could be beneficial for you or your partnership.

If you need further funding, whether it’s from a lender or an investor, we can put together an attractive business proposal based on your current business plan and help you identify potential sources of revenue.

Going it alone can cause you to miss out on some great opportunities, so get in touch with our team today to find out how they can help.


Just one more step...

We are a phone call away from getting the ball rolling. We’re happy to meet wherever you feel most comfortable – whether that’s our offices, yours, or somewhere in between.

Drop us a message and we’ll set up a meeting – get ready for your business's future.